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The soils in Regina have a very high clay content and, as such, they are capable of holding lots of water.

The high water content causes the soil to expand and put pressure on your foundation (basement) walls. When the soils have access to too much water, they become saturated and the excess water also pushes against the wall, called hydrostatic pressure. The weight of the soil combined with the hydrostatic pressures is too much for some foundation walls to withstand and causes them to crack and push inward.

There are measures that can be taken to reduce moisture entering the ground around your foundation and reduce the chances of cracked or bowed walls.
Dynamic Foundations can help with that.

If you are already experiencing cracked and/or bowed walls, we can help.

Wall Bracing

bracing a foundation in regina-steel 5 inch c channels

Struggling with bowing and/or cracking foundation walls? It might be time to stabilize your basement with steel braces!


Another common issue we have in Regina is basement leakage. Don’t wait until it happens to you to take action!

Pony or
Knee Walls

If you own an older home with a concrete block foundation that is cracking, a pony wall can be installed in order to stabilize your home’s foundation.

Sumps &

Fixing a Sump Pump in a house

Have a sump pump that needs repair or replacing? A quick call to Dynamic Foundations and we’ll have the sump PUMPING in no time!


Underpinning a foundation by Dynamic Foundations

Is your foundation sinking in one corner? Do you have walls detaching from your ceiling? Underpinning can fix some of the worst foundation problems.

Basement Slab

Replacing the slab in the foundation

Bowing and heaving basement floor? Time to replace your slab! It can be done easier than you think!

Have a foundation problem that isn’t mentioned above?

Let us know and we will do our best to help!

From a Recent Basement Bracing Job in Regina


Our house was built in 1929 and we’ve lived in it for the past 20 years. Since the day we moved in, we had water issues on our north wall. With any major rain storm there would be seepage.  We tried to remediate it from the inside by sealing cracks and using waterproofing paint.  The inside remediation helped but never completely eliminated the problem. After 10 years we felt that our efforts had totally failed.  It was time to do things right and get things fixed from the outside.

We hired Darrell from Dynamic Foundations who expertly dug up the north side of our house despite a tight working area.  When it was excavated we could see a couple of cracks that Darrell believed to be the source of our problem.  These were not large cracks but were a potential entry point for water.  Darrell cleaned the wall, installed water shielding, weeping tile, a new sump pit and a sump pump.  The work was well done and it was time to see if our problem was solved.

About a week after the completion of the work major rain storms moved into the Regina area.  The work that was done performed flawlessly!  Not a single drop of water in our usual spots and the sump was running every 15 minutes telling us that Darrell’s work was perfect.

Based on our experience we would definitely recommend Dynamic Foundations to fix basement water issues.

We moved into our house in May and the first rain storm we had water in our basement. Literally from an entire wall, the whole thing was leaking. We thought we’d have to take down the house and start over. Darrell came by and put us at ease. It wasn’t in dire straights and the basement could easily be salvaged. It needed bracing, 23 to be exact. Someone before us tried to brace one and a half walls, Darrell let us know that wasn’t very common.

He put us at ease with his expertise and confidence in his work. He ended up putting in another tele-post and sealed my leaky wall. We’ve had several storms since and the wall hasn’t leaked since. We’ll most likely end up doing the dig out and blue skinning the outside of our place as well.

I couldn’t recommend Darrell and Dynamic Foundations enough. He talked to the in-laws and put them at ease about what he was suggesting to do. All around it was a great experience, you’re in good hands when you hire Darrell!

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